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    S E L L E R   V I D E O S

    Selecting Your Real Estate Agent (CRS Version)

    This video will provide you with specific, measurable criteria for evaluating the capabilities of a real estate agent. You will learn how to evaluate their ability to handle everything from marketing management to securing an agreement to closing the transaction. Here is a helpful document: Seller Checklist.

    Don't Select an Agent Based on Price

    Watch this brief video on why price alone should never be the sole criteria for selecting a real estate agent. Here is a helpful document to assist you in the process: Seller Checklist.

    Pricing Your Home to Sell

    This video shows you how to establish a successful pricing strategy that achieves the highest sale price, while avoiding the pitfalls of overpricing that will prevent the home from selling. Learn how to establish current market value of your home.

    Expired Listing

    Not every home sells during the listing period, leaving sellers frustrated and moving plans uncertain. There are three main reasons why listings expire and this video will help sellers determine why it didn’t sell and how to improve marketability to ensure a successful sale.

    The Short Sale

    A drop in real estate values may leave a homeowners with a mortgage amount that exceeds the value of their home, known as “being underwater.” Many owners assume that they have only two choices: sell at a loss and cover the deficit with other assets, or allow the lender to foreclose leaving them with damaged credit. The short sale is an alternative way of disposing of the property.

    B U Y E R   V I D E O S

    8 Steps to Buying a Home (CRS Version)

    This video will show you how to find and own your next home easier by following an organized plan. You will learn the process of: Preparing to buy, Meeting with an agent, Establishing your price range and financing, Determining your housing requirements, House hunting, Completing the purchase agreement, Negotiating the purchase and Closing the sale. Helpful documents to assist your through the process: Buyer Checklist, Home Buying Process, Financing Overview, and Lender Questionnaire.